The Culture Support Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the “Foundation”) carries out its activities in accordance with the Law of the Republic of Lithuania on the Culture Support Foundation and the Articles of Association of the Culture Support Foundation. In its activities, the Foundation follows the Guidelines of the Culture Support Foundation for the Submission of Culture and Art Projects.

The Foundation is the largest national culture support foundation in Lithuania, which fosters public initiatives by building the cultural potential of artists, presenting art in its various forms, developing international cooperation between artists and cultural workers, and implementing cultural education.

Funds of the Foundation are comprised of the following:

  1. 1 per cent on the income received from the excise duty levied on alcoholic beverages and processed tobacco;
  2. 10 per cent on the proceeds received from the lottery and gambling tax;
  3. other lawfully acquired funds.

The fields of activities supported by the Foundation include architecture, circus, fine arts, photography, cinema, museum, cultural heritage, literature, music, dance, interdisciplinary art, folk art, theatre art and amateur art projects.

The following objectives have been set to support the projects, by providing the co-financing in above mentioned  culture and art fields:

  1. to support projects which significantly contribute to the development, spread, accessibility, openness and renewal of culture and art in all the regions of the country;
  2. to strengthen the material facilities of the continuing culture and art projects.

Only legal entities registered in the Republic of Lithuania are eligible to submit applications to the Foundation. The Foundation allocates its funds on the basis of competitions only. At least two competitions are announced every year.

The management body of the Foundation is the Council. The Council of the Foundation announces competitions for the submition of applications, analyses the financing recomendations provided by the cultural and art experts of the Foundation and makes the final decisions on allocation of the funds to each selected project.